Latest release
released 3/20/2014


PDFKit.NET is a 100% managed .NET component for, reading, creating and manipulating PDF documents and PDF forms on the fly. With PDFKit.NET you can split, append, stamp, encrypt PDF documents and fill PDF forms. This component is typically deployed as part of an ASP.NET or WinForms application, however, it is just as well possible to integrate PDFKit.NET in a .NET web service.

What's new in 4.0?

  • Generate QR codes
  • Import JBIG2 images
  • Convert to PDF/A-1b and save as PDF/A-1b
  • 4.0 includes a build that does not reference System.Drawing.dll (GDI+). This is required to run on Server 2008 x64.
  • Dropped .NET 1.1 support

Feature highlights

  • Fill and flatten PDF forms
  • Split and append PDF documents/pages
  • Extract, modifty and add graphics (text, images, curves)
  • Create PDF forms with embedded JavaScript actions
  • Digitally sign and verify PDF documents
  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer compatibility (static forms only)
  • Native .NET 2.0+ support, including 64-bit support

Upgrade from 3.0

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