Latest release
released 4/7/2014


PDFRasterizer.NET is a .NET component that lets you convert PDF documents to raster images, print PDF documents unattended and display PDF document in your Windows application. PDFRasterizer.NET is deployed as a single assembly written entirely in C#. PDFRasterizer.NET has no external dependencies and consists of just one assembly which makes deployment truly simple.

Straight-forward object model

PDFRasterizer.NET has a simple and straightforward object model consisting of just a handful of classes: Document, Pages, Page and a few utility classes. These classes let you open a PDF document, browse the basic properties of the document, retrieve pages by index, retrieve page sizes and ultimately draw a PDF page.

What's new in 3.0?

  • Only medium or high trust required (was full trust in 2.1).
  • No unsafe code (pe-verifiable).
  • Progressive drawing.
  • Asynchronous and cancellable drawing.
  • Convert to (multi-page) color TIFF.
  • More programmatic control over font substitution.
  • Convert to XPS and WPF graphics (.NET 3.0 or higher required)
  • LiveCycle Designer 8.1 and 8.2 ES support (static only)
  • Render layers separately.
  • Diagnostics

Upgrade from 2.0/2.1

All PDFRasterizer.NET 2.0/2.1 licenses can be upgraded to 3.0 at a 20% discount. See the shopping cart.