How to set adobe as the default program for PDF

This morning started with a rather boring and common activity, scanning a document and modifying the resulting PDF.

To my surprise the PDF opened in Internet Explorer. Apparently, after updating to Windows 10, many default programs have been changed. The scanned PDF needed to be rotated, but I can not find any tools to achieve this using Internet Explorer, and I am not very motivated to do so either. In Adobe it takes around 3 seconds to rotate the PDF. Therefore this very short blog explains how you can set the default back to Adobe Reader.

Before opening the document you can right-click > "open with" > select "Adobe Reader" and open the file with Adobe Reader. This will not change the default setting, since it will only work for 1 document at a time. You will get a message asking you if you would like to set Adobe Reader as default. Unfortunately this will not work in Windows 10.

Open your PDF in Windows 10 with Adobe Readed as default:

1. Open the start menu

2. Type "default app settings" and select the result

3. Click on "chose default application by file type"

4. Go down to ".pdf" (The list is in alphabetical order) and click on the Internet Explorer symbol.

5. Select "Adobe Reader"

That's it