PDFWebViewer.NET Discontinued

10/1/2012 By Frank 0 comments

As of today (October 1 2012), we have discontinued PDFWebViewer.NET 1.0. We will not release version 2.0.

Here is why:

1. PDFWebViewer.NET's sales was neglectable compared to flagship products such us PDFKit.NET and PDFRasterizer.NET while the support and maintenance effort was unproportionally high.

2. We strongly believe in separation of concerns when it comes to designing software components. PDFWebViewer.NET does not meet this design criterium.

The first reason is obvious. Let's elaborate on the second one.

PDFWebViewer.NET is an ASP.NET control that provides a browser-side view on a server side PDF document. It implements features such as zooming, panning, interactive links, etc.

On the browser side, we need to support different types of browsers and different versions of individual browsers. Nowadays this includes browsers on mobile devices in addition to browsers on desktops. But also, server-side we need to support different types of web application frameworks such as plain vanilla ASP.NET, MVC and what will be released next.

In contrast to this dependency on browser flavors and web application frameworks, components such as PDFKit.NET and PDFRasterizer.NET have a fully UI-less API and thus are much less coupled to technologies that come and go.

In order to not spread ourselves too thin, we need to focus on core functionality. That is why we decided to discontinue PDFWebViewer.NET 1.0 and not release its successor 2.0.

Existing Customers

Internally, PDFWebViewer.NET 1.0 and WebViewer.NET 2.0 are build on top of PDFKit.NET 4.0 and PDFRasterizer.NET 3.0. We have released the source code of both major versions on CodePlex under the Microsoft Public License. You will see that the downloads include the PDFKit.NET 4.0 and PDFRasterizer.NET 3.0 assemblies Contact support to convert your PDFWebViewer.NET licenses to PDFKit.NET 4.0 and PDFRasterizer.NET 3.0 licenses at no cost.

Download source code:

PDFWebViewer.NET 1.0 CodePlex project

WebViewer.NET 2.0 CodePlex project