PDFRasterizer.NET for Mobile Update

11/7/2016 By Frank 0 comments

We have just released PDFRasterizer.NET which includes API changes and improved UWP and Xamarin.Android rendering.


API changes

The previous release focused on rendering and did not spend too much attention to the API itself. More specifically, it lacked a Document class; a Page class was constructed directly from a source stream and a page index.

We updated the API so client code now looks as follows:

Document document = new Document(stream);
Page page = document.Pages[0];

Also, we have introduced Document.Layers for selectively rendering layers.


Known restrictions

  • transparency groups are rendered opaque
  • blend modes are ignored
  • annotations are not rendered
  • exotic shadings are not rendered
  • all layers are always rendered irrespective of their visibility


The Android renderer is feature complete except for the following known restrictions:

Known restrictions

  • annotations are not rendered
  • exotic shadings are not rendered

Between this and the next update we will focus on overall render quality and performance (both speed and memory).


No changes.