What the Hack?

7/8/2011 By Marco Kesseler 0 comments

A while ago, we got notified that PDFRasterizer.Net was hacked. Some guy – it probably is a guy – posted it at a Czech forum. I could not actually access the hacked software, as I did not have sufficient rights, but it was obvious. There were even requests for hacking some of our other libraries.


I created an account and posted a reply pointing out that this guy was a scoundrel. I included a link to our own website and I reported the post to the web site owner.

They did not like it:banned.pngDarn.

Of course we can start legal actions against every site that does this. But that will cost a lot. No self-respecting company is going to shop on these forums for our software. And the boys that do look there are not going to buy anything from us period.

So we are telling ourselves that this is free publicity, and… some form of recognition. We must be doing something right if we get their interest.