With PDFControls.NET you can add PDF reader/editor functionality to your .NET WinForms applications. The component is a .NET class library consisting of user interface controls and UI-less classes to access and modify the PDF document.

Feature highlights

  • View and print PDF documents.
  • Navigation via bookmarks and links.
  • Zooming and panning.
  • Select, copy and search text (full Unicode support).
  • Fill out fields and submit form data (Pro only)
  • Interactive annotations such as notes and other markup types (Pro only).
  • Edit and save PDF documents (Pro only).
  • Active execution of JavaScript to support formatted and calculated fields (Pro only).
  • Configure render settings and font substitution.
  • Customize painting and add application specific visuals.
  • Use of multi-threading to ensure a responsive UI.

Standard edition vs. Professional edition

There are two editions of PDFControls.NET: Standard and Professional. The Standard edition offers basic viewing and printing. The Professional edition adds support for form filling, interactive annotations and the ability to access and modify the PDF document.

What's new in 2.0?

  • Progessive rendering.
  • Support for rendering layers.
  • Faster image rendering.
  • Better control over font handling, leading to faster (and smaller) print jobs.
  • Drag and drop support.
  • New "Interactor" classes allow you to customize all GUI elements in a PDF document and to add your own (Pro only).
  • Page graphics are exposed as a tree of shape objects that can be enumerated, modified and persisted (Pro only).

PDFControls 2.0 is the successor of PDFReaderControls 1.0. We changed the name, because PDFControls does not just provide the ability to read PDF documents.