PDFKit.NET 5.0

Create and manipulate PDF documents Changelog

What is new?

.NET Core

PDFKit.NET 5.0 is compatible with .NET Core. You can now run your PDF app on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

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PDFKit.NET 5.0 is compatible with Xamarin. You can now run your PDF app on mobile devices.

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Dynamic XFA

Populate and consume dynamic XFA documents with the new XFA processor API.

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Produce and consume tagged PDF documents with the new tagging API.

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Single server

USD 990

  • 1 year email support
  • 1 year maintenance
  • 1 year upgrade protection


Azure, AWS or other

Deploy our software to cloud infrastructure such as Azure or AWS without limitations on scalability or elasticity.

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Desktops or servers

Deploy our software to multiple servers or multiple desktops. Either in-house or at your customer's site.

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