PDFKit4 Feature List

100% .NET managed code
Verifiable assembly (PEVerify)
Write to disk or memory
Write directly to an HTTP connection, without writing code
Read from disk or memory
Read, create and modify document properties
Document properties as XMP metadata
Read, create and modify custom XMP metadata
Save as PDF/A-1b new
Supported Platforms
ASP.NET support
ActiveX / COM support unsupported
.NET 1.0 unsupported
.NET 1.1 unsupported
.NET 2.0
.NET 4.0
.NET 4.0 Client Profile
Mono (any platform) untested
Split, Append and Imposition
Append and split multiple PDF documents
Compose multiple pages to achieve e.g. 2-up or a thumbnail page
Fill Form fields
Fill (multiline) text fields, check boxes, radio button, list boxes and combo boxes
Edit the position, size and other properties of form fields updated
Flatten form fields
Active JavaScript interpretation while filling form fields
Adobe Forms Designer 6 (xfa 2.0), 7.0 (xfa 2.2), 7.1 (xfa 2.4) and 8.0 (xfa 2.5) compatibility (static forms only)
Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.1 (xfa 2.6), 8.1.2 (xfa 2.7) and 8.2 ES (xfa 2.8) compatibility (static forms only) new
Digitally signing and verification (Signature Field)
Create PDF Forms
Create or modify PDF Form fields (text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes, combo boxes, push buttons or signature fields) updated
Create or modify Widget Annotations (visual field presentation)
Stamp (multiline) text and specify alignment, justification, multiple fonts, etc.
Stamp primitive shapes such as Line, Pie, Rectangle, Text, Image updated
Text formatting: Strike-through, Single and double underline, Overline, Sub- and superscript updated
Text formatting: Left, right and center alignment, Justification
Text formatting: Simple XHTML formatting including CSS style sheets
Vector graphics: Lines, rectangles, ellipses, pies, arcs
Solid, Gradient and Pattern fills
TextShape and MultilineTextShape
Rotate, Translate, Skew and Scale shapes with Transform object. new
ImageShape allows mixing bitmap and vector graphics.
Insert artwork from existing PDF using PageShape
Insert SVG document using SvgShape, while preserving vectors new
Insert EMF and WMF files using MetaFileShape, while preserving vectors new
Add multiple layers with the LayerShape new
Draw Images
JBIG2 new
JPEG2000 unsupported
Text / Content Extraction
Extract Text from existing pages, including position and text-properties like Font, Pen and Brush updated
Find text on a specific page or in a complete document updated
All page graphics are exposed as a tree of shape objects through the Page.CreateShapes method. You can enumerate and modify the contents and persist the changes. new
14 standard PDF fonts
TrueType fonts (.ttf)
TrueType Collection fonts (.ttc)
TrueType subset embedding
Enumerate the fonts from an existing document new
Security / Encryption
RC4: 40 and 128 bit
AES: 128 and 256 bit new
Set user and owner password
Set user privileges such as allow print
Read, create and modify security settings
Read, create and modify StickyNotes (remarks) from pages
Read, create and modify Stamps, TextMarkups, FreeTexts and Lines from pages new
Read, create and modify Links from pages
Read, create and modify Widgets from pages
Read, create and modify actions on Document, Page, Bookmark, Link, Field and Widget
Supported actions: JavaScript, Uri, ResetForm, SubmitForm, ImportData, HideAnnotation, GoTo, Launch, ...
Read, create and modify bookmarks from documents, including properties like Bold, Italic and Font.
Read, create and modify viewer preferences
Read, create and modify internal destinations
Read, create and modify named destinations
Read, create and modify remote destinations
RGB Text color updated
CMYK Text color updated
Grayscale Text color updated
Pens and Brushes in RGB, CMYK or Grayscale updated