TallComponents.PDF Namespace

Includes the core classes used by this component.
Public classDocument
The Document class is the top-level class in the TallComponents.PDF namespace. It represents an existing or new PDF document.
Public classDocumentInfo
Document Info for the document like Author, Title and Subject.
Public classDocumentInfoProperties
Stores a set of document custom properties.
Public classDocumentInfoProperty
Represents a DocumentInfo property with its value.
Public classEmbeddedFile
An embedded file (also know as attachment) object.
Public classEmbeddedFileCollection
An embedded file (also know as attachment) collection.
Public classFormatOptions
Encapsulates format-specific options.
Public classGetWebCredentialsEventArgs
Class containing data for the GetWebCredentials event.
Public classIndexRange
A range of indexes.
Public classIndexRangeCollection
A collection (sequence) of index ranges.
Public classInvalidImageException
The exception that is thrown when an invalid or corrupt image is encountered.
Public classInvalidPdfException
The exception that is thrown when the PDF document is invalid.
Public classLayer
This class represents a single layer item.
Public classLayerCollection
A collection of layer objects.
Public classNameValuePair
Represents a name value pair.
Public classNameValuePairCollection
Collection of pairs Name and Value.
Public classNoPagesException
The exception that is thrown when a document without any page is written.
Public classObject
Base class of all objects, no public functionality is provided.
Public classOpenOptions
Options for reading an existing PDF document.
Public classPage
A page inside a document. You either create a new page or retrieve it from an existing document.
Public classPageCollection
Collection of pages inside a PDF document. Non-creatable. Obtained through the Pages property of Document.
Public classPageSize
Encapsulates the width and height of a page and provides standard page sizes.
Public classPdfException
Base class for all exceptions thrown from TallComponents components.
Public classRectangle
A rectangle represents an area on the page.
Public classSpacing
Spacing is used to define Margin and Padding.
Public classUnsupportedImageException
Thrown when an image is encountered that is not supported.
Public classUnsupportedPdfException
The exception that is thrown when the PDF document is not supported.
Public classUpdate
An update object.
Public classUpdateCollection
An update collection.
Public classUsageRights
The Usage Rights for this document.
Public classWriteOptions
Encapsulates various write options.
Public classWrongPasswordException
The exception that is thrown when a wrong password is specified or no password is specified where it is required.
Public classXfaInfo
This class contains additional XFA specific information for this document.
Public structureCode exampleUnit
Unit is used to convert a wide variety of units to points, which is the unit used in PDF.
Public structureVersion
Tuple that denotes the PDF version: (major, minor); e.g., (1.4) denotes version 1.4.
Public delegateGetWebCredentialsEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the GetWebCredentials event.
Public enumerationAnnotationsUsageRights
Annotation-related usage rights.
Public enumerationDocumentFormat
Public enumerationDocumentType
Different document types.
Public enumerationDocumentUsageRights
Document level usage rights.
Public enumerationDocumentWriteMode
Different document write modes.
Public enumerationFormFieldsUsageRights
Form-fields-related usage rights.
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Horizontal alignment of text lines.
Public enumerationLayerState
The possible values for state of the layer.
Public enumerationOrientation
Orientations of various objects.
Public enumerationPageCloneSettings
PageCloneSettings specifies what and how to clone a page.
Public enumerationReadDirection
Different read directions for text.
Public enumerationReduceOptions
File size reducer specific flag
Public enumerationUnitType
Known units handled by the Unit class.
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment
Vertical alignment of text lines.
Public enumerationXfaDocumentMode
Defines how the document should behave when saved.