TallComponents.PDF.Actions Namespace

Public classAction
Abstract base class of all action classes.
Public classActionCollection
An action collection.
Public classActionVisitor
A derived instance of ActionVisitor is passed to Action.Accept(...). This method calls one of the below ActionVisitor methods according to the type of action.
Public classFormAction
The form action is the base class for several form related actions.
Public classGoToAction
The go-to action moves the actual view to a destination in the current document.
Public classHideAction
The hide action sets or clears the annotation's Hidden flag.
Public classImportDataAction
The ImportData action imports field values from a file.
Public classJavaScriptAction
A JavaScript action executes javascript.
Public classLaunchAction
A LaunchAction starts an external Application.
Public classNamedAction
A Named action executes an action predefined by the viewer application.
Public classResetFormAction
The reset form action resets the fields to there default value.
Public classSubmitFormAction
The submit form action send form data (containing field values) to a URL in a specified format.
Public classUnknownAction
Unknown action. This action will be created if the action is unknown or different from the supported types.
Public classUriAction
A UriAction starts an external web site from its URL.
Public enumerationHttpMethod
The http method specifies how to submit to the server.
Public enumerationSubmitFormat
The submit format specifies what to submit to the server.