TallComponents.PDF.Shapes Namespace

Includes shape releated classes.
Public classArcShape
An arc shape is a segment of an ellipse outline. It has a center, a horizontal and vertical radi and it has a start and sweep angle.
Public classBezierShape
A cubic bezier shape. It has a start and an end point and two respective control points.
Public classCanvas
Each page has 4 canvasses: an underlay, a visual underlay, an overlay and a visual overlay, all of type Canvas. You draw underneath or on top of a page by adding shapes to one of the 4 layer objects. The layers are non-creatable and retrieved through the [Visual]Underlay and [Visual]Overlay properties of a page object.
Public classClipShape
The ClipShape allow you to build an arbitray curve composed of straight lines and bezier curves, used as clipping path.
Public classContentShape
Base type for all content shapes.
Public classEllipseShape
An ellipse drawn using a pen and brush.
Public classFragment
The fragment class represents a piece of text as part of a multiline text shape.
Public classFragmentCollection
Collection of fragment objects.
Public classFreeHandBezierSegment
A cubic bezier segment. It has an end point and two respective control points.
Public classFreeHandLineSegment
A straight line. It has an end point.
Public classFreeHandPath
A free hand path.
Public classFreeHandPathCollection
Collection of Free Hand Path objects.
Public classFreeHandSegment
The base class for all FreeHandSegment objects.
Public classFreeHandSegmentCollection
Collection of FreeHandSegment objects.
Public classFreeHandShape
The FreeHandShape allow you to build an arbitray curve composed of straight lines and bezier curves.
Public classFreeHandStartSegment
The start point of the free hand path.
Public classImageShape
A shape containing bitmap image.
Public classLayerShape
A layer shape can be seen as a canvas. You draw on this canvas by adding shapes to it, they will be placed inside this layer.
Public classLineBreakEventArgs
Class containing data for LineBreak events.
Public classCode exampleLineBreakFragment
Insert this fragment to force a line break.
Public classLineShape
A straight line. It has a start and an end point.
Public classMetafileShape
A shape containing a metafile (emf or wmf) vector based image.
Public classMultilineTextShape
The MultilineTextShape allows you to stamp text that is wrapped given a certain maximum line width. The text is stored in 1 or more fragments. You can set layout properties such as alignment and indentation.
Public classPageShape
A page shape is a placeholder for an existing page. It is used to stamp existing pages on an other page, which could be either a new or an existing page.
Public classPathShape
PathShape is the base class for all shapes that have an associated pen or brush.
Public classPieShape
A pie is an arc shape with the addition of two straight lines drawn from the center to the start and end point of the arc. The closed area is filled using the specified brush (if any). A pie is fully defined by attributes of its base classes.
Public classRectangleShape
A rectangle drawn using a pen and brush.
Public classShape
Base class for all vector and bitmap graphics objects.
Public classShapeCollection
Collection of shape objects. Shapes is a shape itself. This allows recursion. A shapes collection can be seen as a canvas. You draw on this canvas by adding shapes to it.
Public classShapeSizeException
The exception that is thrown when a shape cannot be placed on a page because the shape has an invalid size.
Public classSimpleXhtmlFormatException
Thrown when badly formatted Simple Xhtml is encountered.
Public classCode exampleSimpleXhtmlShape
Renders one or more lines of text with "simple" xhtml markup.
Public classSvgShape
A shape containing a svg image.
Public classTabStop
A tab stop defines a point at which text continues after a tab character.
Public classTabStopCollection
Collection of tab stops.
Public classTextFlowException
The exception that is thrown when a text flow constraint cannot be satisfied.
Public classTextShape
Used to add a single-line text to a layer.
Public classTextShapeCollection
Represents a text object.
Public delegateLineBreakEventHandler
Represents the method that handles LineBreak events.
Public enumerationBlendMode
Different blend modes.
Public enumerationCompression
Compression types for Image and ImageShape.
Public enumerationDockStyle
Different ways to dock shapes.
Public enumerationFillRule
Different rules for filling.
Public enumerationPageBoundary
The box which should be used as outline for the page.
Public enumerationRenderingIntent
Enumerates rendering intent types.