TallComponents.PDF.Shapes.Barcodes Namespace

Public classBarcodeShape
Abstract base class of all barcode shapes.
Public classCode128BarcodeShape
Barcode 128 shape.
Public classCode2of5InterleavedBarcodeShape
Shape for the Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode.
Public classCode3of9BarcodeShape
Barcode 39 (or 3 of 9) shape.
Public classOneDimensionalBarcodeShape
Base Shape for all 1D barcodes.
Public classPDF417BarcodeShape
Shape for the PDF 417 barcode.
Public classQRBarcodeShape
QR (Quick Response) code shape.
Public classTwoDimensionalBarcodeShape
Base Shape for all 2D barcodes.
Public enumerationCode128CharacterSet
The used character set in the code128 barcode.
Public enumerationTextLocation
The used text location in the barcode region.