WidgetPersistency Property

The widget's persistency when this document is written.

Namespace:  TallComponents.PDF.Annotations.Widgets
Assembly:  TallComponents.PDF.Kit (in TallComponents.PDF.Kit.dll) Version:
public virtual WidgetPersistency Persistency { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: WidgetPersistency
If a widget is flattened and the Value property for the related field is not set, the field's default value will be used, if no default value is specified this widget is simply removed. If the widget is flattened and the Value is set, appropriate content is drawn in place of this widget. E.g. in case of a multiline text field, the text is wrapped, formatted using the widget's and field's font, font size, orientation, alignment, border and background color. If a widget is not flattened, the widget and the related field is preserved and can still be filled out interactively. If a field is not flattened and the Value property is set, the corresponding value will be entered into the field.
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