StandardSignatureHandler Properties

The StandardSignatureHandler type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCanSign
Always true.
(Overrides SignatureHandlerCanSign.)
Public propertyCanVerify
Always true.
(Overrides SignatureHandlerCanVerify.)
Public propertyCertificates
An array of strings representing the X.509 certicicate chain used for signing and validating signatures that use public-key cryptology.
(Inherited from SignatureHandler.)
Public propertyDistinguishedName
For internal use only.
(Overrides SignatureHandlerDistinguishedName.)
Public propertyFilter
The filter parameter used in the PDF document.
(Overrides SignatureHandlerFilter.)
Public propertyMaxDigestLength
The maximum length in bytes of the digest as returned by the Sign function (default 300).
(Inherited from SignatureHandler.)
Public propertyName
The subject name in the signing certificate (the element "CN")
(Overrides SignatureHandlerName.)
Public propertyRevision
The version of this signature handler.
(Inherited from SignatureHandler.)
Public propertySignDate
The date and time of signing.
(Overrides SignatureHandlerSignDate.)
Public propertySubFilter
The subfilter parameter used in the PDF document.
(Overrides SignatureHandlerSubFilter.)
Public propertyUsePropBuild
You can specify if you want to use the PropertyBuild structure or not. (default false)
(Inherited from SignatureHandler.)
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