Document Properties

The Document type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAfterPrintAction
After print action is executed after a document is printed.
Public propertyAfterSaveAction
After save action is executed after a document is saved.
Public propertyBeforeCloseAction
Before close action is executed before a document will be closed.
Public propertyBeforePrintAction
Before print action is executed before a document will be printed.
Public propertyBeforeSaveAction
Before save action is executed before a document will be saved.
Public propertyBookmarks
The Bookmarks of this document
Public propertyCalculationOrder
The order of the fields that need to be recalculated.
Public propertyDocumentInfo
Document Info for the document like Author, Title and Subject.
Public propertyDocumentType
Type of document.
Public propertyEmbeddedFiles
The embedded files in this document.
Public propertyFields
All form fields inside this document.
Public propertyFonts
The fonts used in this document.
Public propertyJavaScripts
Document level JavaScripts.
Public propertyLayers
The layers that are defined in this document.
Public propertyLogicalStructure
The LogicalStructure for this document
Public propertyMetadataSchemas
The XMP metadata for this document.
Public propertyNamedDestinations
Named Destinations defined at Document level.
Public propertyOpenActions
Open actions are executed while a document is openening.
Public propertyOutputIntents
The output intents that are defined in this document.
Public propertyPages
Collection of pages in this document.
Public propertyRepaired
Returns whether the document was repaired.
Public propertyScriptBehavior
The script behavior for all fields in this document. (default = Format)
Public propertySecurity
The security settings of this document.
Public propertyUpdates
The updates for this document.
Public propertyUsageRights
The usage rights this document contains.
Public propertyVersion
The PDF version for this document;
Public propertyViewerPreferences
Viewer preferences of this document.
Public propertyXfaInfo
Additional XFA specific information for this document.
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