SignatureField Properties

The SignatureField type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCertificates
The signing certificate and its chain certificates.
Public propertyContactInfo
Information provided by the signer to enable a recipient to contact the signer to verify the signature; for example, a phone number.
Public propertyDocumentModifiedAfterSigning
Returns if the document is modified after the signature was added, meaning that an update is append to this document.
Public propertyExport
This field is included when the form is exported or submitted.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyFullName
The fully qualified name for this field.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyIsSigned
Returns if this field has a signature attached. The signature can be valid or not.
Public propertyLocation
The CPU host name or physical location of signing.
Public propertyLock
Specifies a set of form fields to be locked when this signature field is signed.
Public propertyMappingName
Used when exporting data from the document.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyReadOnly
Read-only state of this field.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyReason
The reason for the signing, such as 'I Agree...'.
Public propertyRequiredMode
The required mode for this field.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertySignatureHandler
The Signature handler which sign this field.
Public propertySignedDate
The date the signature is applied to the document.
Public propertySignedName
The name which signed this document.
Public propertySignedUpdate
The update in which this signature field is signed.
Public propertyToolTip
The name of the field as used in the user interface.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyWidgets
The asociated widgets for this field.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyXfaInfo
Additional XFA specific information for this field.
(Inherited from Field.)
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