PasswordSecurity Properties

The PasswordSecurity type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAssembly
Allow document assemble (insert, rotate, or delete pages and bookmarks or thumbnail images).
(Inherited from Security.)
Public propertyAuthorCommentsFormFields
Allow authoring comments and form fields.
(Inherited from Security.)
Public propertyChange
Allow changing the document.
(Inherited from Security.)
Public propertyCopyExtract
Allow content copying or extraction.
(Inherited from Security.)
Public propertyEncryptionLevel
This encryption level used to encrypt this document.
Public propertyExtractAccessibilityContents
Enable content accessibility.
(Inherited from Security.)
Public propertyFormFillSign
Allow form field fill-in or signing.
(Inherited from Security.)
Public propertyOwnerPassword
Owner password. The owner has all privilages, including changing the user password.
Public propertyPrint
Allow printing.
(Inherited from Security.)
Public propertyPrintHighQuality
Allow printing at high quality.
(Inherited from Security.)
Public propertyUserPassword
User password. You may set this string to "" to allow viewing by anyone but to restrict privileges such as printing.
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