SimpleXhtmlShape Properties

The SimpleXhtmlShape type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBlendMode
The blend mode used by this shape. (default is BlendMode.Inherit)
(Inherited from ContentShape.)
Public propertyDefaultBold
If the text is default bold. (default = false)
Public propertyDefaultColor
The default text color (default = black)
Public propertyDefaultFont
The default font. (default Arial)
Public propertyDefaultFontSize
The default font size. (default 12)
Public propertyDefaultItalic
If the text is default italic. (default = false)
Public propertyDefaultJustified
Whether text is justified. (default = false)
Public propertyDefaultLeftMargin
The default left margin (default 0).
Public propertyDefaultLineHeight
Minimal spacing between 2 lines (default 1.2).
Public propertyDefaultStrikeOut
If the text is default striked through. (default = false)
Public propertyDefaultTextIndent
Indentation of first text line. (default = 0)
Public propertyDefaultUnderline
If the text is default underlined. (default = false)
Public propertyDock
How this shape is docked.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyHorizontalAlignment
The horizontal alignment.
Public propertyID
This Identifier (ID) can be used to track which shape raise an exception.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyMargin
Get or set the margin of a shape.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyMeasuredHeight
The measured height is the space that will be used when drawing this shape on the page. This height is calculated with the current text available, it respects the Width property and other properties.
Public propertyMultiline
Specifies whether the text may span multiple lines. (default true)
Public propertyOpacity
The opacity (0...255) which must be used for this shape. Default is 255 (fully opaque).
(Inherited from ContentShape.)
Public propertyParentTag
The tag connected to this Shape
(Inherited from ContentShape.)
Public propertyRenderingIntent
Gets or sets the rendering intent (default is RenderingIntent.RelativeColorimetric).
(Inherited from ContentShape.)
Public propertyText
The rich text string to display formatted as xhtml.
Public propertyTransform
Apply this transformation to the content shape before rendering.
(Inherited from ContentShape.)
Public propertyWidth
Width of this SimpleXhtmlShape.
Public propertyX
X-position of the lower-left corner, center or start point (depending on shape type).
(Inherited from ContentShape.)
Public propertyY
Y-position of the lower-left corner, center or start point (depending on shape type).
(Inherited from ContentShape.)
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