PDFKit.NET 5.0 PDFKit.NET 5.0

Namespace TallComponents.PDF

Class LayerCollection

A collection of layer objects.

This collection is read-only, and can be obtained via the document.Layers getter.


public class LayerCollection : Object , IEnumerable<Layer> , ICloneable


Get the number of Layers actually contained in the LayerCollection

Get an Layer by zero-based index from the LayerCollection.


Add a new layer to the end of this collection.

Add a layer array to the end of this collection.

Remove all layers in this collection.

Clones this LayerCollection, and detach it from the original document.

Determine whether an Layer is in the LayerCollection.

Implements strong typed IEnumerable<T>.GetEnumerator.

Searches for the specified Layer in the LayerCollection.

Inserts a new layer to this collection.

Remove the specified layer.

Remove the layer on the specified index.