PDFKit.NET 5.0 PDFKit.NET 5.0

Enum DocumentWriteMode

Namespace TallComponents.PDF

Different document write modes.


Instead of appending an update only, the document is completely rewitten. Note that existing signed signature fields will be invalidated.

Only an update is appended to this existing document. A new document will be written in Compact mode since this will be the first update. Existing document will be forced to append changes only. Supported features: Changes in Metadata.Changes in DocumentInfo.Removing, adding or moving Pages.Adding Shapes to pages.Changes in Actions (except the Bookmark actions).Changes in NamedDestinations.Changes in document level JavaScripts.Changes in Widgets.Changes in Fields (including signing an additional signature field, see signature field for details).Changes in Bookmarks.Changes in ViewerPreferences. Note: You should not change the Security, otherwise an incorrect document will be written.

The document is writen eighter Full or AppendUpdate, depending if a signed signature is already embedded in the document or the document is marked that it allows to have updates only. New document will be written in Compact mode. Existing document will be written in Full mode if possible, otherwise AppendUpdate mode will be used.