PDFKit.NET 5.0 PDFKit.NET 5.0

Method Find

Namespace TallComponents.PDF
Class Document

Find text in this document.

An enumerator is returned, not a collection, because the next TextMatch is evaluated lazily.

If transformGlyphs is true, the glyphs are tranformed with the page transformation during sorting. This means that the compare function will see the glyph coordinates as if their origin is at the bottom left of the page view. If a page is rotated, the actual origin of the page will be in one of the other corners of the view. The returned glyphs however will contain the original glyphs coordinates, i.e. with respect to the page origin, not the view origin.


public  TextMatchEnumerator  Find( TextFindCriteria  findCriteria IGlyphComparer  glyphComparer Boolean  transformGlyphs )



An enumerator that lets you enumerate over all TextMatch elements


TextFindCriteria findCriteria
Specifies find criteria.

IGlyphComparer glyphComparer
The custom glyph comparer.

Boolean transformGlyphs
If true, each glyph is transformed with the page transformation (orientation) before de glyph comparer is applied.