PDFKit.NET 5.0 PDFKit.NET 5.0

Method Write

Namespace TallComponents.PDF
Class Document

Write the modified document to any writer.

Note that this allows you to write the document to a file, HTTP response or memory with full control.

For signing support you must be sure the underlaying output stream is seekable. If the stream is writable only (eg Response.OutputStream) an exception will be raised.

If keepOpen is false, you cannot write more than once on the same document instance. After calling Document.Write() information in this instance can be incorrect.


public  Void  Write( BinaryWriter  binaryWriter DocumentWriteMode  writeMode Boolean  keepOpen )




BinaryWriter binaryWriter
Write the document to this writer.

DocumentWriteMode writeMode
The write mode to use.

Boolean keepOpen
Keep the document open after writing.