PDFKit.NET 4.0

Create and manipulate PDF documents Changelog


  • Fill and flatten PDF forms
  • Split and append PDF documents/pages
  • Extract, modify and add graphics
  • Digitally sign and verify PDF documents
  • Add new content to existing pages
  • Create PDF and PDF forms from scratch

Code samples

using (var fileIn = new FileStream(
   "form.pdf", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
   // open PDF
   Document document = new Document(fileIn);

   // set the value of text field
   TextField textField = document.Fields["Text1"] as TextField;
   textField.Value = "Hello";

   // check check box
   CheckBoxField checkBox = document.Fields["Check2"] as CheckBoxField;
   checkBox.CheckBoxValue = CheckState.On;

   // select first radio button option
   // (range checking omitted for the purpose of this code sample)
   RadioButtonField radioButton = document.Fields["Radio4"] as RadioButtonField;
   radioButton.RadioButtonValue = radioButton.Options[0]; 

   // select second item in list box
   ListBoxField listBox = document.Fields["List7"] as ListBoxField;
   listBox.ListBoxValue = new ListOption[] { listBox.Options[1] };

   // select second option of a drop down 
   DropDownListField dropDown = document.Fields["Combo8"] as DropDownListField;
   dropDown.DropDownListValue = dropDown.Options[1]; 

   // save PDF
   using (var fileOut = new FileStream(
      "filled.pdf", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write))


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