PDFRasterizer.NET 3.0 FAQ


How to move a server license to a new server

Please read the following article.

Do I need a license for my developers

No, you can continue to use the unlicensed software for the development environment. The only difference with the licensed software is that unlicensed software contains a watermark on the output.

What is the difference between an upgrade license and a regular license?

An upgrade license can only be activated if you already own the last version of the product. Thus if you already own a PDFRasterizer.NET 2.1 Server License, you can purchase the PDFRasterizer.NET 3.0 Server License (Upgrade). If you own a 1.1 license you need to purchase a new license.

I am now using PDFRasterizer.NET 2.1 and want to upgrade to 3.0. Is 3.0 fully backwards compatible?

No, in order to make the object model more consistent and introduce new functionality, we had to break backwards compatibility. The evaluation download includes a developer guide which has a chapter that discusses upgrading in detail.

What output formats do you support?

WPF, XPS and All raster formats as supported by GDI+. These are: BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF and TIFF.

Does your component depend on any other software such as a printer driver or Adobe Acrobat?

No, PDFRasterizer.NET is fully stand-alone. It depends on no other software than the Microsoft .NET (1.1, 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5) framework.

Is PDFRasterizer.NET Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 compliant?

Yes, fully.

How to use PDFRasterizer.Net for landscape printing?

Can I convert PDF documents to multipage TIFF?

Yes, we made this very simple. A single method ConvertToTiff lets you convert a PDF to Black and White multipage and color TIFF and allows you to choose resolution and compression. We created an code sample that shows how to convert PDF to multipage Tiff

Can you set the page background color when creating images of pdf files instead of the default white?

Yes. Use the Page.Draw overload that takes a RenderSettings argument. Assign your background color to RenderSettings.ColorSettings.BackColor.

Can I use PDFRasterizer.NET to do unattended printing e.g on a server?

Yes. PDFRasterizer.NET lets you draw a page to a System.Drawing.Graphics object and this is how a printer is represented in .NET. The evaluation download includes an extensive print sample that shows you how to select paper sizes, scale to fit, etc.

How to speed up print jobs?

In general, the speed of a print job is related to the graphical complexity of a PDF document. In some cases, this is inherent to the document, and there is little than can be done about it. In other cases however, slow printing may be relatively easy to improve. This article describes how to improve PDF print speed.

After a PDF document is rasterized, why do we see jaggies around lines?

Please read the following blog post we wrote about why do you see jaggies in a PDF

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