Document Constructor (Stream)

Opens an existing document.

Namespace:  TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer
Assembly:  TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer (in TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer.dll) Version:
public Document(
	Stream stream
The stream from which the document is read.

The document should have no open password set.

This method is optimized for speed, and will cache some data into memory if any is true:

  • the stream does not provide random access (!stream.CanSeek);
  • if the stream is read from a file (stream is FileStream).
If caching does not occur, the stream must be kept open during the lifetime of the document.

If you want to have full control over the caching behaviour, please use the overload with the BinaryReader, see the remarks available by that constructor for detailed information.

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