TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer Namespace

Includes the core classes used by this component
Public classConvertToTiffOptions
Specifies options for converting PDF pages to TIFF images. By default, black-and-white images will be generated, using CCITT Group 3 fax compression.
Public classConvertToWpfOptions
Specifies options for converting PDF pages to Wpf objects.
Public classDocument
The Document class is the top-level class in the TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer namespace. It represents an existing PDF document.
Public classDocumentInfo
Document Info for the document like Author, Title and Subject.
Public classDrawJob
Represents an asynchronous drawing job.
Public classEmbeddedFile
An embedded file (also know as attachment) object.
Public classEmbeddedFileCollection
An embedded file (also know as attachment) collection.
Public classCode exampleExtractedImageInfo
Represents a single occurrence of an image on a PDF page. Encapsulates both the image and its location on the page.
Public classInvalidPdfException
The exception that is thrown when the PDF document is invalid.
Public classLayer
This class represents a single layer item.
Public classLayerCollection
A collection of layer objects.
Public classPage
An existing page inside a document.
Public classPageCollection
Collection of pages inside a PDF document. Non-creatable. Obtained through the Pages property of Document.
Public classPdfException
Base class for all exceptions thrown from TallComponents components.
Public classRectangle
A rectangle represents an area on the page.
Public classUnsupportedPdfException
The exception that is thrown when the PDF document is not supported.
Public classUpdatedEventArgs
The UpdatedEventArgs event data.
Public classWrongPasswordException
The exception that is thrown when a wrong password is specified or no password is specified where it is required.
Public delegateUpdatedEventHandler
The updated event handler, used for DrawJob.Updated.
Public enumerationJobStatus
Job Status
Public enumerationOrientation
Orientations of various objects.
Public enumerationPageBoundary
The box which should be used as outline for the page.
Public enumerationPixelFormat
Different pixel formats.
Public enumerationTiffCompression
Different compression algorithms.