RenderSettings Properties

The RenderSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActionSettings
All settings related to actions.
Public propertyAnnotationSettings
All settings related to annotation rendering.
Public propertyColorSettings
All settings related to color rendering.
Public propertyCurveSettings
All settings related to curve rendering.
Public propertyGdiSettings
Used for Gdi workarounds.
Public propertyImageSettings
All settings related to image rendering.
Public propertyLayerSettings
All settings related to layer rendering.
Public propertyRenderPageGraphics
Controls whether the page graphics will be rendered. If set to false, no page graphics will be rendered. The default is true. This flag does not influence the rendering of annotations, so it can be used to render annotations only.
Public propertyRenderPurpose
Specifies in what way the rendering result will be used. The default is "View".
Public propertyStatic memberRequiredTrustLevel
This setting tells the software what environment it runs in. When running is an untrusted IIS environment
Public propertyTextSettings
All settings related to text rendering.
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