AnnotationRenderSettings Class
Encapsulates all settings that control how annotations are rendered.
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Namespace:  TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer.Configuration
Assembly:  TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer (in TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer.dll) Version:
public class AnnotationRenderSettings

The AnnotationRenderSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyRender3DAnnotation
Render 3D annotations.
Public propertyRenderCaretAnnotation
Render Caret annotations.
Public propertyRenderCircleAnnotation
Render Circle annotations.
Public propertyRenderFileAttachmentAnnotation
Render FileAttachments annotations.
Public propertyRenderFreeTextAnnotation
Render FreeText annotations.
Public propertyRenderHighlightAnnotation
Render Highlight annotations.
Public propertyRenderInkAnnotation
Render Ink annotations.
Public propertyRenderLineAnnotation
Render Line annotations.
Public propertyRenderLinkAnnotation
Render Link annotations.
Public propertyRenderMovieAnnotation
Render Movie annotations.
Public propertyRenderPolygonAnnotation
Render Polygon annotations.
Public propertyRenderPolylineAnnotation
Render Polyline annotations.
Public propertyRenderPopupAnnotation
Render Popup annotations.
Public propertyRenderPrinterMarkAnnotation
Render PrinterMark annotations.
Public propertyRenderRubberStampAnnotation
Render RubberStamp annotations.
Public propertyRenderScreenAnnotation
Render Screen annotations.
Public propertyRenderSoundAnnotation
Render Sound annotations.
Public propertyRenderSquareAnnotation
Render Square annotations.
Public propertyRenderSquigglyUnderlineAnnotation
Render SquigglyUnderline annotations.
Public propertyRenderStrikeOutAnnotation
Render StrikeOut annotations.
Public propertyRenderTextAnnotation
Render Text annotations.
Public propertyRenderTrapNetAnnotation
Render TrapNet annotations.
Public propertyRenderUnderlineAnnotation
Render Underline annotations.
Public propertyRenderWatermarkAnnotation
Render Watermark annotations.
Public propertyRenderWidgetAnnotation
Render Widget (form field) annotations.
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Public methodRenderAll
Set all RenderXxxAnnotation properties to true.
Public methodRenderNone
Set all RenderXxxAnnotation properties to false.
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