EmbeddedFile Class

An embedded file (also know as attachment) object.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer
Assembly:  TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer (in TallComponents.PDF.Rasterizer.dll) Version:
public class EmbeddedFile

The EmbeddedFile type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCreationDate
The creation date for this embedded file.
Public propertyDescription
The description provided to this embedded file.
Public propertyFileName
The file name for this embedded file.
Public propertyFolderName
The folder name in which this embedded file should be placed. (can be null, meaning not placed in any folder)
Public propertyMimeType
The MIME type for this embedded file.
Public propertyModificationDate
The modification date for this embedded file.
Public propertySize
The size in bytes for this embedded file.
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Public methodToString
Returns a string for the current EmbeddedFile object.
(Overrides Object.)
Public methodWrite(BinaryWriter)
Write this embedded file to any writer.
Public methodWrite(Stream)
Write this embedded file to a stream, eg a FileStream or MemoryStream.
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