Changelog TallPDF.NET 5.0 released 11/22/2018

  • breaking In the .NET Standard builds TallComponents.Core.RectF has been renamed to TallComponents.PDF.Layout.RectF
  • breaking In the .NET Standard builds TallComponents.Core.PointF has been renamed to TallComponents.PDF.Layout.PointF
  • breaking In the .NET Standard builds TallComponents.Images.Core.CoreBitmap has been renamed to TallComponents.PDF.Layout.Bitmap released 11/2/2018

  • fix Various small fixes [BETA] released 10/31/2018

  • fix Fixed a license checker problem on AWS [BETA] released 8/7/2018

  • fix Fixed default font handling on Xamarin [BETA] released 7/9/2018

  • feature Added .NET Standard 2.0 build [BETA] released 6/19/2018

  • comment Added netstandard 1.5 build [BETA] released 6/17/2016

  • comment First beta release of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android editions [BETA] released 6/14/2016