What is the difference between TallPDF.NET and PDFKit.NET?

With TallPDF.NET content such as text, images and tables flows into pages, much like a word processor. With PDFKit.NET content is placed at exact locations on a specific page. Additionally, PDFKit.NET allows reading and manipulating existing PDF documents while TallPDF.NET does not.

How to move a server license to a new server?

I am now using TallPDF.NET 3.0 and want to upgrade to 4.0. Is 4.0 fully backwards compatible?

Yes, 4.0 is fully backwards compatible. In your project, you must replace the reference to TallPDF.NET 3.0 with a reference to TallPDF.NET 4.0 and rebuild.

Do I need a developer license?

No, we do not sell developer licenses. For development you can simply use the software without valid license. An evaluation notice will be printed across the output.

What is the difference between an upgrade license and a regular license?

An upgrade license can only be activated if you already own a license for the previous version. Say that you own a TallPDF.NET 3.0 Server License, then you can purchase a TallPDF.NET 4.0 Server Upgrade License. You can not upgrade from say 2.0 to 4.0.

ASP.NET Domain License and WCF service

The ASP.NET Domain license mechanism requires a HTTP context. By default a WCF service does not bind to an HTTP context. This can be solved by enabling ASP Compabilty Mode in web.config.

Can TallPDF.NET 4.0 convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF?


Can I convert HTML to PDF?

TallPDF.NET 4.0 converts XHTML 1.0 + CSS2 to PDF. Read how to convert XHTML to PDF. TallPDF.NET does not convert any HTML. We recommend to thoroughly test TallPDF.NET 4.0 against a representative set of HTML documents, if there is such thing in your case.

I am still using TallPDF.NET 3.0. How can I download the latest 3.0 version, report problems or purchase additional purchase licenses?

As of November 24, 2014 TallPDF.NET 3.0 is no longer supported. In order to download the latest 3.0 version you need to have a TallComponents account that is part of the TallPDF.NET 3.0 Group. You are part of this Group if and only if you own a TallPDF.NET 3.0 license. If so, please log in to your account. After logging in you will be able to see TallPDF.NET 3.0 in the download menu. To purchase TallPDF.NET 3.0 licenses you need to contact sales@tallcomponents.com. Since TallPDF.NET 3.0 is no longer supported, we do not recommend purchasing TallPDF.NET 3.0 licenses.

I open the type reference (.chm) but each page seems to be missing?

By default Windows does not trust a .chm that is downloaded from the internet. Right-click the help file, select 'Properties' and click the 'Unblock' button on the 'General' tab.

Can TallPDF.NET be used on a shared web server where I am not allowed to do any machine level configuration?

Yes, TallPDF.NET is pe-verifiable (or 100% managed). This means that to use TallPDF.NET in your ASP.NET application, you only have to copy the assembly to the bin folder of your virtual folder - or reference it from your web project.

How can I use non-western characters?

TallPDF.NET is based on Unicode by default. In order to display non-western characters such as Cyrillic or Chinese, you must use a TrueType font that supports your character set.

Can I generate barcodes with TallPDF.NET?

Yes, we support the following popular barcodes: Code 2 of 5 interleaved; Code 3 of 9 and Code 128.

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