The fragment class represents a piece of text.

Namespace: TallComponents.PDF.Layout.Paragraphs
Assembly: TallComponents.PDF.Layout (in TallComponents.PDF.Layout.dll) Version:


public class Fragment : Object, [T:tct3Ⴍ.ႨႰႨ], 
Visual Basic
<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Class Fragment _
	Inherits Object _
	Implements [T:tct3Ⴍ.ႨႰႨ], ICloneable


The fragment is a part of a multiline text shape or a text paragraph. All text of a fragment is typeset equally. Fragments allow to contain pieces of text with different font, color or have a different decoration (bold, italic, underlined,...).

A fragment may refer to a paragraph throug a GoToAction. In this case the text may contain fields that will be replaced by properties of the referenced paragraph.

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